Hey! I'm Karla...

Let's translate your numbers to English.

Numbers venn diagram 4

Why aren't your clients getting it? Why isn't everyone funding your startup or research? You have cold, hard data: 200 square kilometers. 4% compounded quarterly. $2 billion. This meeting is a waste of time. You may have printed up a few bar graphs or infographics.

But even if it's clear to you, it's a foreign language to everyone else.

Who am I?

I'm Chip Heath's new co-author.

Karla Starr... has a command of the social science literature that would be freakish in a social psychology Ph.D., but who has amassed that knowledge without formal training." -Chip Heath

I'm an award-winning science/business journalist with a background in behavioral science (psychology, neuroscience, sociology, and system dynamics.) I'm currently working on a book about Unstoppable Momentum—the art of recovery and long-term behavior change.

In short, my specialty is translating Super Nerdy Gibberish to Something Helpful and Easy to Understand.

Cover of book Making Numbers Count. A ruler states: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Lots & Lots

I've worked with:

  • Financial planners to help clients understand their value and retain customers.
  • Small business groups, entrepreneurs, and marketing departments to perfect their messaging.
  • Sales teams to develop a framework for new client pitches.
  • Political messaging analysts to work on slogans.


Together, we'll:

  • Understand your clients' frame of reference
  • Analyze the pain points in your message
  • Develop number translations to make your message obvious

For enterprise or corporate development concerning communicating about data, please use the form below or schedule a 15-minute call on Calendly, hereFor one of the talks below, please contact Evan Martino.