Making Numbers Count

The Talk

It's the paradox of numbers: 200 square kilometers, 4.37% compounded quarterly, and $2 billion are simultaneously accurate and fuzzy. In fact, the more precise our information is, the less clear it is to others. In this hour-long presentation, you'll learn:

  • How to view numbers as a foreign language
  • Why expressing data (budgets, time, estimates, statistics, polls, returns) isn’t enough: you need to translate them.
    • Why customers don't trust what they can't understand
    • How the standard ways we try to Wow! people with size backfire
  • A 4-part framework for translating numbers into any language
  • How clarity and accuracy and coexist
  • How to captivate customers, increase retention, and automatically make people get it
Numbers venn diagram 2

Why aren't your clients getting it? Why isn't everyone funding your startup/research, or buying your thing? Why isn't your family buying the generic ice cream, like you want?

You might have the cold, hard data. You may have printed up a few bar graphs or infographics. But without translating those numbers to English, your message might still be a blur to others.

  • Understand your clients' frame of reference
  • Analyze the pain points in your message
  • Develop number translations to make your message obvious